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Oregon Foot Clinic

Is a unique provider of orthotics in that it incorporates a podiatrist, an orthotist and a fabrication lab all in one facility. We work closely with Physicians so that your orthotic is optimally designed. For difficult cases, you may be evaluated by more than one provider. We also have a onsite gait lab to assist us.

What Are Custom Orthotics?


Functional Orthotics

Are designed to alter the alignment of the entire lower extremity. They are usually made out of a semi-rigid to rigid material and tend to last a number of years. They are especially useful when the alignment of the foot is thought to be the major cause of the problem. They can usually be modified extensively.

Composite Orthotics

Are three quarter length Rigid Orthotics allow for a wider range of footwear to be used do to there narrower and thinner construction. They do compromise some functionality and lack the ease of modification compared to the full length Orthotic.

Light-Duty Orthotics

Are a soft, lightweight devices that work well when the goal is to remove stress and pressure away from an area when there are no major alignment problems. They are also less expensive than functional orthotic, however, due to the softness, they are not as durable.




Over the Counter Orthotics

Are prefabricated to fit and control generic foot sizes and problems. These devices often work well for mild cases or those with a minimal amount of biomechanical laxity. We carry two brands of OTC foot orthosis, the AVOS and Starflex brand.